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How should the glue that hair receive uses wash out on the hair? What kind of glue is the hair glue?

Nowadays, many people will consider finding a hair extension manufacturer to connect their hair to if they want their hair to become longer because they have short hair or not enough hair. This is when a wig or piece of hair is attached to the original hair in various ways. Now with extra is to use glue hair extensions. But the adhesive time is slow, it is easy to unglue, it will be like dandruff piece by piece. So what's the best way to wash it off?

How should the glue that hair receive uses wash out on the hair?​
Step 1 Rub with warm water
After removing the hair extensions, soak the hair in warm water of 50 degrees Celsius. After waiting for five minutes, rub the glue on the hair with both hands to make the glue melt and fall off.

f806fe92bf4fe24e330dd0cfa721e0b1Step 2 Dip in vinegar
Vinegar is acidic and will decompose the glue. Therefore, if you want to remove the glue in your hair, you can apply vinegar to the glue in your hair, or dissolve vinegar in water, and then immerse your hair in water. However, vinegar acetic acid with water is weak and has limited cleaning power on the glue.

3. Wipe nail polish removal​
Soak a cotton remover with nail polish remover and keep wiping to remove the glue that fills your head. However, this method requires two people to complete.

What kind of glue is the hair glue
Traceless hair extensions are made with instant dry glue (quick dry glue). It is called patch hair extension in Chinese and tape hair extension abroad. The main reason is that it is extremely quick and fits your hair correctly. Compared with the traditional braid and buckle method, the joint part is more hidden, so it is called traceless hair extension. But it should be noted that the same glue hair extension, glue bonding is not particularly recommended, because after glue, after a period of washing will drop a lot, even if it will be unglued, extremely messy, like dandruff.

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