Is it cheap to buy gold jewelry in Hong Kong? Be in a hurry

Recently, my wife pestered me to buy Chow Tai Fook's apple soft bracelet. The current gold price in the mainland is 455. This soft bracelet is about 4500. I want to ask my friends, is the gold price of Chow Tai Fook in Hong Kong the same as that in the mainland? How much cheaper if you buy it in Hong Kong?

5 thoughts on “Is it cheap to buy gold jewelry in Hong Kong? Be in a hurry”

  1. dissimilarity! It's a few tens of dollars cheaper. I went to Hong Kong in March this year, but the gold price is 340, and the domestic price is 388. Buying gold in Hong Kong is really cost-effective, and the style is pretty good. However, there is one point. The styles in China are different from those in Hong Kong. There is no guarantee that there will be the one your wife likes in Hong Kong. There should be all of the same type.

  2. The price is the same, but the mainland is RMB and Hong Kong is HKD, and the difference is about 82%. Around HK $428, processing fee will be added for cleaning up the gold.

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