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  1. The planning plan for the enrollment banquet
    In order to determine the smooth development of the job or the matter, the plan is often required. The plan is for the details, steps, and arrangements of the specific action implementation measures formulated by a certain action. How should the plan be formulated? The following is the planning plan for the enrollment banquet that I have compiled for everyone. For reference only, let's take a look.

    This Education Banquet Planning Scheme 1 Activity theme: Haikuo with fish jumping into the sky and turning bird fly
    Activity time :
    Activity 1:
    1. Any set of 5 tables for the enrollment banquet at our store, the standard is 599 yuan/seat, two bottles of drinks at each table
    2. Two beer of beer
    Activity 2:
    1. Every time you book 10 tables for a feast at our store, the standard is 599 yuan/seat, a gift package of 500 yuan gift voucher
    2. Giving away a good label
    3. 3. A set of gifts for students bathing gift box
    Activity three:
    1. Anyone scheduled to be promoted at 20 tables in our store, the standard is 599 yuan/seat, a gift package of 800 yuan gift voucher
    2. Another other Gift two
    . 3, give away a high -end password box for students
    Note: In addition to participating in the above preferential activities in our store, this store also provides the following value -added services for free:
    1. Provide by the Chief Eye Host
    2. Free electronic screens, rolling blessings
    3. Free POP station signing
    4. Free speaker equipment
    5, free sign -in providing sign -in Taiwan
    6. Provide cheap drinks for free
    It school banquet planning scheme 2 1. Activity time:
    20xx, July 20th to 20xx, September 20
    . Standard:
    The second and sixth floor lobby: Wangzi Jackie Chan Banquet: 499 yuan/table
    No. 599 yuan/table
    Feihuang Teng Da Ban: Over 799 yuan/table
    does not cover the top
    The second and third floor box: The minimum consumption in the box below the five tables
    five tables and five tables above 1200 yuan/table starting from the table from the table. (Need to book in advance, order)
    . Preferential measures
    The preferential measures:
    1. Free to enjoy the champion etiquette service once (including a doctoral cap)
    2. Free for free Gift a bouquet of flowers
    3. Comes with wine free to free bottle fees, service fees
    . Send two bottles of beer per table, one bottle of large bottle drink
    5. 1 free warm home room room /night.
    6. Gift banquet signs
    7. Gift to a beautiful family portrait
    8. Lobine LED electronic display free insert blessing
    . n 10. Give away a high -end red wine
    11. Send a pens for Parker
    12. Gift to the charming phoenix ancient city three -day tour, Guilin wonderful three -day tour or a brand tablet (one -choice) r
    -discount criteria:
    1. The total consumption of the academic banquet during the activity period is more than 1,000 yuan, and you can enjoy the 1-3 discount.
    2. The total consumption of the academic banquet during the activity period is above 20xx, and you can enjoy the 1-4 discount.
    3. The total consumption of the academic banquet during the activity period is more than 4,000 yuan. 10 discounts.
    5. The total consumption of the school for the enrollment during the activity period is more than 8,000 yuan, and you can enjoy the 1-11 discount.
    6. The total consumption of the academic banquet during the activity period is more than 10,000 yuan. "There is a paragraph that lets all all remember:" Today's responsibility, not in others, but all in my teenager, young wisdom, national wisdom, young people are rich, young, strong, and national progress. The 20xx year is the 30th anniversary of our recovery of the college entrance examination, and the "Xie Shi Banquet" we organized this time is to pay attention and report on those champions through major media, which has caused concern to education in all sectors of society and the teachers of teachers. Thanksgiving. Make the whole society set off a wind of etiquette of "respecting teachers and religion" again ... "Today, we want to say" young teachers are respecting teachers and respect for teachers ". In the following, our country will definitely develop rapidly along the road of harmony. In the next thirty years, the words of "young male male and the earth, then Guoxiong on the earth" will become a reality!
    单 The organizer of the organizer
    *** Hotel management company chairman of the hotel management company
    ⒊ ⒊ ⒊
    ⑴ school leaders read the congratulatory champion invitations to appear
    ⑵ interactive exchanges with the host interactive exchanges Learning experience (at the same time invite parents to come to accompany)
    ⑶ 学习 学习 学习 学习 学习 学习 学习 (previously filled in)
    n ⑴ True test
    ⑵ idiom fire extinguishers
    ⒌ live donation (theme theme of the event)
    launched the guests to participate in the donation, and the amount was cleared on the spot. Give it to the poor college students who need assistance (contact in advance
    ⒍ award gifts and souvenirs
    Wishes the champion, no matter where they are in the future His parents, and the cultivation of your own teacher and the kind Wanling land. (Crystal trophy)
    R Take photos
    The event location: *** Hotel on the 3rd floor of the hotel
    participants: new champion and their parents. Teacher. Classmates
    Surprisingly, the champion who was present changed the image of the Muna scholar who was reading in the impression of everyone's impression, and every move was full of youthful atmosphere and the style of the new era. They were kind, lively, and good at communicating; Love beautiful, friends in groups. Our new generation champion, happy life, learning and growing in the bright sun.
    Come on, everyone who is a young man, you must be gorgeous and beautiful in the future, such as flowers Blooming like a child!
    Activity time: To be determined
    The activity budget
    . Prepare for 80 -person table meals (wine. Drinks and other sponsorship)
    Gift books
    Sign in one side of the board (taking photos)
    etiquette personnel ribbon (⑴ Smile Ambassador ⑵ Welcome champion)
    The annual college entrance examinations have arrived. Life. This year's college entrance examination will issue the first batch of key undergraduate admission notices before July 20th. Many parents are very concerned about the college entrance examination and attach importance to the college entrance examination. For this social hotspot, how to seize the "college entrance examination economy" and improve the hotel Business benefits, the special joint catering department of the operation planning department launched the planning plan planning plan.
    It school banquet planning scheme 4 1. The target market analysis
    grace with the students, more than 1,000 days and nights with the students, and give the students for life -long use. Enlightenment, to give students consideration and tolerance, and educators have established the concept of all matches. In recent years, the "Xie Shi Banquet" is very popular. According to the survey: The Xie Shinan has become the second largest banquet in ordinary families to operate a happy event. Xie Shi Banquet "Fire" has N reasons:
    Reason 1 (student): Other students hold banquets at the hotel, I can't help but do it, otherwise it is very faceless.
    Reason 2 (Parent): Don't Parents have hosted Xie Shi Banquet for their children. They do n’t thank the children who have emotions and cannot vote for children.
    Reason 3 (Parents): Xie Shi Banquet is going to banquet relatives and friends. .
    Reason 4 (Society): Children are admitted to school. The atmosphere can also be contacted.
    Reason 5 (merchant): The business is hot, the income has risen, it can gather popularity, festive qi, and increase the turnover and hotel awareness. Why not do it.
    . Pricing strategy
    1. The formulation of the teacher's banquet menu should be taken into account to connect the recipes with the teacher to increase the festive atmosphere to win the favor of students and parents.
    2. For high -priced dishes, it is recommended to use the way to combine reduction and new dishes.
    3. The price of Xie Shi Banquet (instructions below) should be divided into high, medium, and low levels, and rationally enlarge the consumption layer.
    4. The price of other drinks and other services can be flexibly changed according to the actual situation of the hotel (but it is necessary to formulate the net profit of the hotel).
    . Marketing strategy
    1. Making specialty for the special Xie Shi banquet, you can divide the "ten -year cold window banquet" at 468 yuan per table according to the actual situation, "Gold List Title Banquet" 568, " The champion and the first banquet "668 yuan a table three grades. The name of the dish should be reasonably packaged, which reflects a strong cultural atmosphere (see the attachment at the specific menu).
    2. The champion and the first banquet are invited. Special invitation to the college entrance examination champion (one person each) to gather the hotel to share the future; give the exquisite school supplies for each champion for commemorative;
    3. Merchant interaction, gifted gifts. Hotels, other businesses, schools or suppliers use the form of "one -to -one" to sign the mutual benefit clauses to prepare coupons for students. It is recommended to adopt a "win -win" method to actively participate in marketing, finance and company.
    4. There are gifts at the table, and there are surprises in the field. No matter how much consumption is consumed, the table and table can get a 52 -degree white wine water bottle (worth 128 yuan per bottle) at the table and table. Fanhui Gui Ten Tables (including ten tables) or more are sent to one table with the same grade meal; the consumption of five tables (including five tables) is sent to students to study souvenirs, and so on.
    5. Provide parking venues for free, preferred booking, free photos, free doctoral caps, etc.
    6. The teachers who participated in the banquet after meal were a beautiful small gift (the name, phone, address, website) was printed on the hotel.
    . Advertising strategy
    1. Some outdoor advertisements (讫 cards, banners, inkjet) are placed at the entrance of the hotel.
    2. Combination of TV, street banner and newspaper advertisements. Advertising words: "The unforgettable teacher is unforgettable, a cup of sake watching!" At this time, when the peach blossom Li Fuxing, the Paradise Bird Hotel launched the Xie Shi banquet (ten years of cold window banquet, the gold list title banquet, the champion and the first banquet), expressing the students A piece of gratitude.
    3. You can try mobile phone message advertising. The focus of the group is the old customers of the original hotel. Pay attention to the appropriate language and mainly introduce the latest activities of the hotel.
    4. Do a bomb -eliminated advertisement on some protocol websites or a large Flash animation advertisement or a banner. The processing of web animation and pictures must be consistent with the content of marketing.
    5. You can also use leaflet advertisements, printed 10,000 publicity leaflets, but the use of leaflets must be exquisite, with dishes display diagrams.
    Note: The above advertisements can be selected at the same time, promoting key communities or schools.
    5. Other related strategies
    If security guards must ensure the safety of the hotel; to specify some incentive policies for the waiter and related staff to mobilize their enthusiasm for their work (this content can be refined in the future); There are some high -quality music in the hall; service language skills; the speed of serving must be fast; the layout of the hall does not need to be too luxurious, but it must be beautiful and generous, showing the human culture that respects teachers.
    6. Effect prediction
    1. Direct effects: If promotion and related services are in place, the monthly increases 100 tables, an average of 500 yuan/table, that is, 50,000 yuan, an increase of about 20,000 yuan; The income rose at least compared to the same period last year, and strived to exceed the million levels again.
    2. Indirect effects: 1,000 population publicity of the monthly increase, coupled with banners, outdoor advertisements, newspapers, online media advertisements, souvenir advertisements, 10,000 publicity leaflets, etc., directly know that the crowd is at least 20,000, It has improved the brand effect, and the opportunity to consume in the hotel after these people has long -term marketing income.
    7. Other suggestions
    1. The scheduled department can search for some key customers, first publicize among customers.
    2. In the conditions of the customer's consent, enter the customer's information input department (the key is the customer's name, position, unit and mobile phone number), and serve the future promotion (this content can be refined in the future).
    3. Make the hotel's website as soon as possible. The website must be made by professional people. The domain name must be simple and easy to remember. The design of the webpage should reflect the characteristics of the hotel. A large Flash animation also has the content of the release system, online marketing system, customer message board, customer forum, employee entertainment and other aspects. Through online marketing (the advantage is the large scope of the audience, the cost is less) enhance the popularity of the hotel and increase the market share.
    eight, funding budget
    1. Special (text, reason) champion souvenirs: 10000 × 2 = 20xx yuan;
    . Teacher commemorative gifts: 100 × 15 = 1500 yuan;
    3. Gift of drinks: 52 -year -old 52 -degree mouth cellar 128 × 100 = 12800 yuan, and the giving away of the wine is ended at the end of this month (provided by the supplier of the mouth cellar).
    4. Predse bills: 10000 × 0.12 = 1200 yuan;
    5. 500 yuan for doctoral hats, photos, venue layout; Total 1,000 yuan for banners, inkjet, newspapers, networks, SMS, etc.;
    This costs: 6200 yuan (excluding wine)
    Attachment: 1, banner slogans, advertising words, promotional terms, service terms;
    2. Sample samples, samples of inkjets, and small samples of leaflets;
    . "Xie Shi Banquet" package menu.
    This banquet planning plan 5 1. Activity time
    20xx, June 20 to August 31
    . Dining standards
    518 yuan/seat 668 yuan/seat 888 yuan 888 yuan /Seat
    . Promotion items
    1. Catering: Gift 2 bottles of beer per seat, free soy milk; wine provided at the supermarket price.
    2. The minimum consumption standard of the teahouse lobby is 10 yuan/person, the private room is 60 yuan/6 small hours; the dual machine hemp is 80 yuan/6 small time; the tea is free.
    3. Guest rooms: A gift room/night of a gift room with a one -time consumption of 3,000 yuan; a gift of a digital room/night with a gift with a consumption of more than 5,000 yuan; Between 188 yuan/room night, general single room 168 yuan/night.
    The free round -trip delivery in urban areas of 4 or 5 seats, free background board stickers and signs.
    Reference 2
    1 1. The restaurant launched four Xie Shi feasts: the Splendid Period Banquet 20xx, Pingbu Qingyun Banquet 1688 yuan, Pengcheng Wanli Banquet 1388 yuan, Gold List Title of 988 yuan;
    2. The above standards The banquet is for ten people to enjoy;
    3. At the same time, the restaurant will be newly launched business packages at noon (11: 00-14: 00):
    68 yuan/set (all consumer packages, which can be Choose one of the four types of dishes in A, B, C, and D, free gifts: rice, fruits);
    108 yuan/set (all consumed category packages can be Choose two models, choose one in C and D dishes, free gifts: rice, fruits);
    168 yuan/set (for those who consume this category, you can choose three models in class A dish. Select two models in B and C dishes, and choose one in class D dishes. Free gifts: rice, fruits);
    . The restaurant reserves the final interpretation right of the above activities.
    This party banquet planning plan 6 1. Activity purpose:
    When many college candidates are facing further studies, the hotel has launched the "Entrance Banquet" and "No. 1 Banquet" to create a catering service reputation and open up the food and drink banquet market. Drive the consumption of catering, housing, and health, and effectively improve the economic benefits of hotels.
    . Activity object:
    ** The well -known, key schools in the city
    . Activity theme:
    "Star of Hope"
    . Activity date:
    July 18 -September 18
    5. Activity location:
    The banquet hall on the second floor
    . Activity plan (content) For the hotel to book a "advanced school banquet" or a wedding banquet, one of the hosts will be provided for free; (requiring a banquet of more than 10 tables)
    2. Every time you spend 5,000 yuan at a time at a catering banquet (including 5,000 yuan) For those above, the hotel will give free a single table for a single table for 1 seat ("Entrance Banquet" menu), or 1 standard room (limited to the valid day);
    . Anyone who holds a "enrollment banquet" at the hotel, the hotel will give away the hotel presented A personal "famous album", the content of the album is collected and dai -duired by the hotel. The information is kept and prepared for the hotel.)
    4. The hotel issuance of the "Hope Star Invitation Card" promotes the hotel consumption. "Or" Gift Pack "was distributed in the hands of each customer.
    The college entrance examination for 7 annual college entrance examinations for the seven -year school banquet planning plan has come. This year's college entrance examination will issue the first batch of key undergraduate admission notices before July 20th. Many parents are very concerned about the college entrance examination and attach importance to the college entrance examination. In response to this social hotspot, how to seize the "college entrance examination economy" and use this to improve the operating efficiency of hotels, and the Special Catering Department of the Management Planning Department jointly launched a planning banquet planning plan.
    . Topic: The name of the gold list is the pearl of the pearl. : Parents admitted by national or provincial regular institutions (including undergraduate and college), candidates who are in the urban area and have good economic conditions
    V. "College Entrance Examination Economy", specially launched the planning banquet planning to improve the operating efficiency of the hotel;
    . It is planned to meet the sense of pride and glory of parents and candidates through the unique `College Entrance Examination Entrance Examination Banquet. Relatives and friends, attract potential customers by improving the reputation of the hotel and bring potential benefits to the subsequent operation of the hotel.
    3. Effectively use "psychological marketing", combined with "emotional marketing", and to maximize the psychological and emotional needs of guests by improving the added value of the service.
    6. Publicity "Na customer" method:
    The student information and parental information for college entrance examinations and post entrance examinations to college entrance examinations and post college entrance examinations (including undergraduate and colleges) are collected through marketing representatives. Screening a monk in the county seat and good economic conditions. Marketing representatives first called to express congratulations on behalf of the XX Village Hotel, and approved the time and place to send the hotel special warm greeting card. The special planning and preferential policies of the enrollment banquet attracted them to come to book as an appointment. (See Annex 1 for details of greeting cards)
    7. Planning of the school banquet process:
    to maximize the sense of glory and vanity of parents and candidates, attract the praise and envy of all guests on the scene, this planning The plan will make key planning on the process of entrepreneurial banquets. It aims to increase the added value of hotel services through a series of novel and unique planning activities, and obtain the high agreements of all guests at the scene, leaving unforgettable beautiful memories for candidates and parents. At the same time, the "marginal benefit communication effect" attracts their classmates and even relatives and friends at the scene to choose my hotel first when hosting various banquets.
    1, 17: 30-17: 50: Play festive music and songs for the banquet hall for guests.
    4, 17: 50: The wedding banquet officially started. Candidates (boys put on black and white with swallow tails, girls put on white dresses) are in the inheritance area.
    5, 17: 55-12: 05: Honorary throne ritual. In the middle of the banquet hall, a red carpet is covered in the middle of the aisle, and there is a small stage at the end of the red carpet. Candidates stand on the stage. There are two wi -ritual ladies in front. Excited music went to the stage and sent the flowers and greeting cards to the stage to the candidates.
    6, 18: 05-18: 10: Candidates published an honorary throne speech, playing the background music "Applause Round".
    7, 18: 10-18: 15: Flower season Thanksgiving ceremony. Background music play "Thanksgiving Heart", please candidates and two teachers representatives to take the stage. Candidates will send condolences and gratitude cards for parents and teachers, and bow to parents, parents and guests at the scene. The grace of raising, the second bow thanks to the teacher for the cultivation of the teacher, and the three bow than thank all relatives and friends at the scene for their care and support in the process of growth!
    8, 18: 15-18: 20: Candlelight wishing ceremony. Miss Etiquette pushed the cake cart to the podium. Candidates made a wish to the cake and candlelight, and shared the cake with the relatives and friends present. Play background music "Tomorrow will be better".
    9, 18: 20-12: 25: Parents feel open -minded: Invite candidates and parents to come to the stage to express their pride, and at the same time play the background music "Tomorrow will be better".
    10, 18: 30 Start lunch.
    8. Additional service planning
    Whenever candidates who come to the hotel to host a school banquet, the hotel will book the KTV box for free on the night of the school banquet (19: 00-0: 00) The classmates celebrate the party. The size of the box depends on the business reservation of the day. The party process is planned by candidates and their classmates.
    Mas who come to the hotel to host a feast, those who open a house in the hotel that night will reach more than 3 rooms, and will enjoy a minimum 7.5 % discount. After contacting the Department of Catering to verify and verify it, discounts are discounted).
    . Preferential measures for advanced school feast: (banquet price, dishes you order)
    1. Wanting Zilong Banquet (388 yuan/seat)
    2. Gold list title banquet (468 yuan/seat) r r r r r
    3. Pingbu Qingyun Banquet (568 yuan/seat)
    4. The future is like a brocade feast (668 yuan/seat)
    5. Fei Huang Tengda Banquet (1280 yuan/seat)
    A. Those who reserve a banquet at the hotel and the number of banquets will reach 10 tables and more than 10 tables. ), 1 free sign -in book;
    2), free banquet camera, camera (the hotel only provides electronic versions, carved discs and rinse photos are responsible for the guests at their own expense);
    3), free booking for free booking The Miao Du KTV boxes celebrate the party to celebrate the party for candidates, and the final costs are 20 % off;
    4), free clothing and makeup are provided for free.
    The budget for category A: Candidates' clothing is 100 yuan, the sign -in book is 30 yuan, and the total cost is 130 yuan.
    B. Those who consume at the hotel store for 20 tables and more than 20 tables can be enjoyed.
    B budget: the above expenses plus 180 yuan for high -level passwords, a total cost of 310 yuan.
    C. Those who consume at the hotel for 30 tables and more than 30 tables can also enjoy the following preferential measures:

    In another room for free rooms.
    Class C budget: The above expenses are added to the room for 1 night 30 yuan, and the total cost is 340 yuan.
    D. Those who consume at 40 tables and 40 tables in the hotel can also enjoy the following preferential measures:

    At the same time: admitted to the students in the provincial school with admission notice to give away from the admission notice to give away from the admission notice. 1 fast -bay ticket in the province (the gift ticket is limited to the city of Leishan to the city where the admission college is located. The school's city will not give away if the start and end site is not within this regulation; and the tickets are purchased by the candidates by themselves, come to the hotel for reimbursement with the ticket); the students who enter the provincial foreign school can give a train with a hard sleeper ticket for the admission notice ( The gift ticket is limited to the city where the college is located. If the start and end site is not within this regulation, it will not be given; and the ticket is purchased by the candidates themselves. You can order a 50 % discount on air tickets for it for free, and reimburse 500 yuan, which will be borne by the candidates themselves (if the amount of the air ticket is less than 500 yuan, the hotel will be given in full without the difference; 5 The folding machine ticket needs to be reserved 15 days in advance. The delay period cannot be booked to 50 % off tickets.
    D -budget for category D: The above costs plus 3 pounds of cake 40 yuan, the average price of tickets or air tickets is 500 yuan, and the total cost is 880 yuan.
    The publicity method of promotion of this event
    In order to reduce unnecessary cost waste, reduce expenses as much as possible and increase operating income, this event will adopt targeted and time -effective publicity publicity Promotion methods, such as: marketing representatives to visit the target customers in person and sending invitations to invite greeting cards, at the same time hanging promotional banners in the city center; combining the inside of the shop banner, lobby KT showpan, and elevator advertisement.
    The propaganda method during the event: set up a gold list title list in the lobby. Communication and propaganda. Candidates who are in the hotel can be titled in the lobby's gold list from the date of scheduled at the pre -banquet. At the same time, students who have been admitted to the top ten famous schools can be titled on the Gold List regardless of whether they come to the hotel to host a school feast.
    This banquet planning plan 8 1. Activity time
    20xx, June 20 to August 31
    . Dining criteria
    428/table 528/table 588/table 688 /Table 888/Table 1288/Table
    . The surprise activities are as follows:
    1, a high -end suitcase at 10 tables, 200 yuan for restaurant consumption (limited to one once), and send another luxury room A bid room, KTV singing one (without minimum consumption)
    2. Sending a high -end suitcase at 15 tables, 300 yuan for restaurant consumption (limited to one at a time). , KTV Happy Sing (without the minimum consumption)
    3. Send a high -end suitcase at 20 tables, the restaurant consumption is 400 yuan (limited to one at once), and the other three rooms and KTV happy are sent to the luxury room labeling room. Sing one (without minimum consumption)
    4. Sending a high -end suitcase at 25 tables, 500 yuan for the restaurant consumption (limited to one at once), another four rooms for luxury room labels, KTV happy singing one room (No minimum consumption)
    This above 30 tables and so on (please contact us for details)
    5. Free on -site layout with more than ten tables, freely providing the emotions and clothing for candidates to dress up.
    6. Free LED screen use rights for free.
    This banquet planning plan 9 Activity Time:
    In the next day until September 30
    Activity location:
    The restaurant on the first floor
    San platform customers (except for the charter and two tables and above)
    The event content:
    Anyway, the loose customers who enter the store during the event can enjoy the discount activities
    1, free free Provide appetizers
    2. Free fruit platter
    3. Daily special dish
    4. Satal consumption 100 yuan to give away 20 yuan voucher
    Fish Yue Tian Gao Ren Bird Fly
    Activity Time: From now until September 30
    The activity content:
    activities 1: 5 tables in the store in our store, the standard reaches the standard reaches 599 yuan/seat, two bottles of drinks for each table
    2. Gift two pieces of beer
    Activities 2: 1. Every time you book 10 tables at the store, the standard is 599 yuan/seat, gift 500 yuan gift voucher A big gift package
    2. Gift a bid
    3. A set of gifts for students bathing gift box
    Activity three: 1. Every time it is scheduled to settle in 20 tables at the store, the standard is 599 yuan// Square, give away 800 yuan gift vouchers, one copy of the gift package
    2. Also given two bids
    3. A high -end password box of students
    In addition to the above discount activities, our store also provides the following value -added services for free:
    1. Provide the Chief Eye Host for free
    2. Provide electronic screens for free, scroll to play blessings
    . n 4. Provide speaker equipment for free
    5. Free sign from
    6. Free cheap wine

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