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  1. 1. Golden 钿 钿
    [Pinyin]: jīn chāi diàn hé
    [Explanation]: Legend has the token of Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei. Tang Chenhong's "The Biography of the Everlasting Hate": "On the day of the meeting, play the" Neuts and Feather "to guide it; However, she ordered that the maid maid took a golden coincidence and folded it into two halves. Half half was given to Li Shaojun and said, "Thank you to the emperor, and give it to him. Head flower
    [Pinyin]: jiù tóu huā diàn
    [Explanation]: Marrant head: head like a stone mortar; Ugly women's thick makeup.
    [From]: "Sea Broken Things · Literature · Fu"
    [Sentence]: This person's head is flowing.
    [Pinyin]: Bèi Què zhū gōng
    [Explanation]: The palace made of pearls. Describe the gorgeous house. Poetry: "Baiyu Palace Kaishui Mansion, why is the Yu Dong wind curtain come. "
    [Sentence]: You see the incense burning Baoding, the purple fog, the golden hall of the Yulou, the Bei Zhuzhu Palace, it is like the scenery of the Tiangong. Pinyin]: yōng róng huá guì
    [Explanation]: Describes the attitude and elegant, solemn and generous. Passion with Qi Qi respectfully. "
    [Sentence]: Although the plum blossoms do not have the grace and luxury of the peony, the noble and elegant chrysanthemum, the gracelessness of the narcissus, but it has extraordinary arrogance!
    5, exquisite n [Pinyin]: jīng měi jué lún
    [Explanation]: Peerless: No comparison. Exquisite and wonderful, unparalleled.
    [From]: Song Zhoumi's "Old Martial Arts · Lantern": "The lamp is only at most. Su, Fu is the crown; Xin'an is late; exquisite. "
    [Sentence]: my country's handicrafts are exquisite, internationally reputation internationally.

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