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  1. You can buy some fruits. If you want to look better, you can choose the fruit basket, but to be honest, although the fruit basket looks good, it is not as good as the fruit. You can choose according to the visiting object.
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    . Pork ribs. If you visit the fracture patients, you can buy more pork ribs and bring it over. Drinking pork rib soup is very helpful for the healing of the injured bone.
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    milk and other nutrients. Many people now go to the hospital to visit the box of milk. Milk contains a variety of nutrients such as calcium, and there are generally no taboos, so buying milk to see a doctor is also a good choice.
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    eggs. Many people have a loss of appetite after illness. Several eggs are cooked every day, which can effectively replenish physical strength, and eggs are also nutritious, so it is more intimate to buy eggs and send patients.
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    chicken soup or black fish soup. If you are good at soup and have more research on the patient's recipes, you can also send soups. The rich and delicious nutrition soup will not only help the patient's condition improve, but also make the patient feel particularly happy. Especially after the surgery, the patient is weak and drinking such soup is very beneficial.
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    flowers. When visiting the patient, buying a bunch of flowers and putting it on his bed will make his mood better, happy, and the condition will naturally reduce the condition. However, it should be noted that if the patient is allergic to pollen, you must not send flowers.
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    The book newspaper magazine, etc.病人每天呆在病房里面,也是很无聊的,带些他平时喜欢看的书籍杂志,或者最新的报纸给他,会让他的时间过的不那么难捱,也可以分散他的注意力,以免Always thinking about disease.
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    chess or poker cards. Some patients are not serious, but they need to be cultivated in the hospital. They can bring a chess or poker card for him. Even if there is no playmate, he will feel very fun to play with himself.
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    The words of comfort or care. No matter what you bring with comfort and care, people feel comfortable. It is actually very fragile after life, so you should comfort them. If you have time, you will accompany them and chat with them. The mood will become very good, and it is also conducive to the improvement of the condition.
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  2. 1. Flowers. When visiting the patient, it should be brought to healthy and inspiring gifts. Flowers are one of the common visiting gifts. Flowers will add color to the ward to encourage the stubborn struggle with the disease. Send it casually. It has a certain particular attention. The flowers that are suitable for sending are: the carnation of warm burial; the green bamboo; the elegant orchid; the quiet daffodil; the fragrant Milan; The green water -shaped water -shaped water is rich and rich in bamboo ... It is not suitable to visit the patient's flowers: Jasmine, because it is harmonious with "no benefit"; Fusang, because of its funeral "homophonic"; Homestyr; potted plants will remind people of long -term root causes; visit patients to avoid sending plum blossoms, because of "mold" homophonic; avoid giving tea and camellia fades, the entire flower head falls.

    It is worth noting that for some patients with respiratory diseases, it is an absolutely banned gift.

    2. Nourishing products such as fruits, pastries and dairy products are also very suitable gifts. Sending the elderly can send some some to send some some of them to send some some of them to send some some of them to send some some of them to send some some. Nourishing medicines, children who send colleagues and friends can send some foods such as viades and biscuits. Generally, do not give patients with "high -fat and high salt" gifts.

    3. Office colleagues recorded Audiovisual belt. Drive everyone's greetings and news.

    4. Cartoon books, interesting newspapers, and latest magazines. Patients usually pass the time of no one to accompany by reading, and these books are undoubtedly the best

    5. Patients such as toy bears, poker cards and other patients can be used to drive away lonely toys. Massage device, waist massage pad, etc. This is the best gift to relax. 7. Small oxygen bar. It can make the air in the ward fresh and bring a healthy breath to the patient.

    8. Pajamas worn in the hospital, it is best to choose those materials made of soft, beautiful, and printed with patterns.

  3. The best things to buy for patients are: flowers, fruit baskets, practical small instruments, gifts, nutrition products. He is sick or sick at home, so his body must have problems. You can buy a little supplement to treat him with vitamins, supplement nutrition, and supplement others.

  4. If the patient's condition permits and it will not be allergic to pollen itself, you can send flowers when you visit the patient. On the one hand, you can regulate the patient's emotions. Second, it can decorate the monotonous ward. It is a good choice.
    The fruit is a gift that many people will choose when they visit the patient. If the patient can't eat it, you can eat it for his family members, which will not step on the thunder.
    The dairy products to visit patients to choose dairy products, but it should be noted that some patients may not be suitable for the time being

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