One Reply to “What small gifts will be given in 4S shops

  1. Chrome -plated, reversing radar, video reversing, chassis armor, foot pads, pillows, navigation, leather bags, alloy wheels, shark fin antenna, trunk pads, sets, glaze, gasoline additives; It is possible to send insurance. In fact, the things they sent are worthless things. Don't expect any genuine goods, or thousands of yuan. If these goods are authentic, they can generally pull their cash. As a half of the automotive industry, give an example. Many JS said that it is for maintenance. Usually, the new car is sent to the original factory for maintenance, usually 1-2 times. Some 4S shops are 4 times. It was all sent by the manufacturer, all free. Small gifts such as foot pads, films and other gifts. Most vehicle vehicles are leaving the factory with foot pads. The so -called feet pads should have it. Mask, don't think the films of the 4S shop are all positive, big brands, all 4S shops are made for a shop in the local auto parts city. The 4S shop will not open a car decoration shop by themselves. You have seen someone alone. Is it to raise a chicken from scratch for eggs? Definitely go directly to buy eggs. Most of the 4S shops are unknown brands. The ceiling is chaotic. If you encounter ultra -low -priced brand names, congratulations. It must be a fake. They generally do not open formal invoices. Other discounts, discount VIP cards, as long as you speak as much as you speak. With an artificial maintenance card, this is wise, depending on your ability and eloquence. Generally, 1-2 questions are not big. There is also if you are insurance, there are many profit margins in the 4S shop, and 4S will be more generous. Because 4S insurance is outrageous. Those who know the agent's insurance and Taibao are now looking for insurance agents by themselves. cheap price. The same thing. The service is okay. Other perfumes or something, take it yourself. 10 dollars of things. Essence Essence Don't mention it.

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