5 Replies to “Where can I go to Weifang to sell gold jewelry? Intersection Intersection

  1. It depends on what you want to sell. At present, the Everbright Golden Bank, Xinyuan Golden Store, Jinbieli and other stores on Weifang are all available. In addition, there are many gold and platinum jewelry in Changle Gem City, such as Shandong Blue Sky Jewelry, Shandong Mengjin Garden Jewelry, Kaisheng Gold, and Hongsai Jewelry. It is relatively cheap for acquaintances. Many of my friends bought it very cheaply from there.
    As for repairing motorcycles, I don't know.

  2. Xinyuan Golden Store is an old brand lock shop, but the price of each gram will be slightly higher. In fact, the big gold is also good, the service is good, and the quality of the jewelry has passed. It is 268 a gram, saying that it is engaged in activities, and the current price is not clear.

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