How to write jewelery companies?

Our company has just established, selling jade jadeite on Taobao online, and has not opened the store yet. The boss told me how to write a company profile? Please help!

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  1. You can search for Shenzhen Jewelry Talent Network, one of the website 0755, which are all jewelry companies to recruit, find a few of them for reference. Osty

  2. You can write with competitors’ or better companies in the industry. Of course, the characteristics of the company need to be added, and the advantages of others cannot be copied.

  3. It is recommended to refer to the introduction of other jewelry companies, combined with its own advantages and characteristics.
    This can be referred to the following content (Baidu Search):

    This Golden Lifu Jewelry Group (“Jinlifu”) was founded in the 1990s. One of the jewelry retail brands. As a large -scale jewelry company that integrates jewelry production, processing, design and brand operations, Golden Welfare brings together the experience experience of more than 50 years of its founding shareholders, and has won many “famous Chinese brands” and “influenced China’s outstanding in China. “Brand”, “3.15 National Integrity and Honesty Brand” and other honors at home and abroad.
    As early as 1999, Jinlifu had begun to enter the Chinese mainland market and opened the first Golden Limo Jewelry Retail Store. At present, the Group operates more than 500 chain franchise stores in the Mainland, and builds online brand retail online stores such as major domestic e -commerce platforms and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. It improves the online and offline body integrated purchase experience platform. The many years of brands have been deeply cultivated, making Jinlifu a well -deserved leader in the domestic jewelry industry.
    In order to meet the growing needs of domestic customers in jewelry, Jinlifu has built large jewelry processing plants with international first -class production standards in Shenzhen Lilang International Jewelry Park since its entering the mainland market. The top modern jewelry processing design equipment and the strictest and most stringent production management processes. Jinlifu hired internationally renowned designers such as Belgium and Italy as design guidance to ensure that every jewelry delivered to customers can have trendy fashion and lean product quality.
    I. As a key partner of CCTV, Jinlifu set up a brand management center composed of the top domestic brand planning team at the Global Trade Center (Beijing), and formed a foreign cutting -edge brand survey team in Los Angeles. In 2013, Jinlifu was fortunate to invite international superstar Golden Horse Emperor Chen Jianbin and Jiang Qinqin to join forces to join forces as the image ambassador of the Jinlifu brand. The two superstars of Chen Jianbin and Jiang Qinqin complement each other with positive energy.
    In 2014, Jinlifu launched a new brand image of “Kimlife ยท Golden Lifu” and “China Fu Jinlifu” new brand communication language. It is believed that with the joint efforts of tens of thousands of Jinlifu employees at home and abroad, Jinlifu will definitely use the best jewelry products to give back to the love of customers and contribute all their light and heat for the construction of the “Chinese dream”.

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