4 Replies to “Which store in Jinan is more trustworthy

  1. Strongly recommend Qilu Gold Store!

    Qilujin shop is a century -old store in Jinan. People in Jinan go there to buy gold. The gold counters in various famous halls in the mall are all southern people Hong Kong people rented here, and the gold is very soft. My cousin was engaged in the necklace and ring bought at Guihe and a counter. It compared with the golden goods I bought at Qilu Golden Store. The gap is too large, and it is not a grade at all! The ring is really soft, and it is about to break a few times.

  2. Qilu Gold Store, Quancheng Road, Jinan.
    The Qilu Gold Store is the old name of Jinan. In the past, only the Qilu Gold Store had sold gold in Jinan. Qilu Gold Store is a provincial unit in Shandong

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