Scraping should also have a degree, the correct scraping method is here

In the hot summer, the outdoor temperature can easily rise to 36, 7 degrees Celsius. The hot temperature frequently makes people hot to stand it, presenting dizziness, weakness, and even nausea. It is most likely that the situation of heat stroke and Qi and blood is not favorable. At this time, through the scraping method of traditional Chinese medicine to remove the moisture in the body, to achieve the purpose of relaxing tendons and activating collaterals, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and improving the symptoms of heat stroke.There’s gua sha wholesale.

The benefits of scraping
The advantages of scraping are different from the parts of scraping. For example, scraping the shoulder and neck can relax muscles and promote blood circulation, improve the problem of Qi and blood stasis, which is extremely helpful for office workers who want to stare at the computer for a long time.

And scraping hands and feet can achieve the purpose of qi collaterals, improve the condition of cold hands and feet. As for the abdominal scraping can help defecate, improve constipation, shaving around the eye can achieve the effect of eye protection.

Method of scraping:
Scraping is the repeated scraping of specific parts of the body until the skin that is scraped appears in dark red spots.

The action of scraping is typically from top to bottom, first head, neck, back, waist, hind limbs and chest and abdomen, from the middle to both sides, scraping should take a single direction, do not scrape back and forth.

First, the scraping method of the head:

Scraping on the hair, do not need to apply scraping lubricant, in order to enhance the scraping effect, can be used to scrape the edge or corner of the scraper, each part of the scraping about 30 times.

Two, facial shaving method:

Because the scraping of the face should be avoided, so as not to affect the appearance, so the manipulation should be gentle, do not apply excessive force, and do not need to smear the blood lubricant, the direction can be scraped from the inside out according to the muscle.

Three, neck scraping method:

Shoulder muscles are extra, scraping can be slightly heavy force, from Fengchi acupoint to shoulder Condyle point once in place, as for the Dazhui point at the back of the neck, it should be gentle and gentle, scraping plate edges and corners can be used.

Four, back scraping method:

‚ÄčTypically, it is the first to scrape the Du vein of the middle line of the back, and then scrape the bladder meridians and jiaji points on both sides. When scraping the middle line of the back, it can not be overly rough, so as not to hurt the spine. As for the two sides of the back, different forces can be seen to be scraped, but the force should be average, from the top to the next place.

Five, the scraping method of the limbs:

When scraping limbs, such as joints should not be forcefully scraped, patients with varicose veins or edema of lower limbs should be scraped from bottom to top.

The taboo of scraping and matters needing attention after scraping
Although scraping helps the human body smooth blood gas, relieve fatigue and pain, there are also matters that must be paid attention to and taboo, such as scraping will cause certain damage to the skin, thus do not continue to scrape for a long time, so as to avoid damage to the skin tissue, after scraping once, it is best to wait for 5 to 7 days before scraping.

For people with skin disease, overly thin body and lack of elasticity of the skin, scraping will cause additional damage to the already fragile skin tissue, and even cause infection. People with heart disease, blood disease and liver function problems, as well as children and the frail elderly, should not be scraping, so as to avoid greater damage to the body.

And after scraping, you should avoid blowing wind, pay attention to keeping warm. When the room temperature is low, the exposure should be reduced as much as possible. When the summer is high, it can not be scraped at the fan place or the place with the flow wind. Because the skin sweat pores open when scraping, such as the evil of wind cold, evil can be directly through the pores of the human body, not only affect the curative effect of scraping, but also cause different diseases because of the feeling of wind cold.

In addition, after scraping treatment, in order to avoid the attack of wind cold, you must wait for about 3 hours, until the skin pores close and restore the original state before taking a bath.

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