How to connect hdpe pipe

How to connect the pipe? How does the electric hot melt connection of the carat tube work? HDPE pipe fitting suppliers hope to help you with the operation procedure of electric hot melt connection of current tubular Klaas.

What is the electric hot melt connection of the carat tube?

HDPE carat tube electric hot melt connection operation
Electric hot melt connection of carat pipe: one end of the pipe is a socket with electric fuse embedded in it, and the remaining end is a flat-wall socket (the socket and socket are shown in the figure below). During construction, just put the socket into the socket, and the electric fuse is fused into one body.

Next, today I will talk with you about the process of the electrothermal fusion connection of the carat tube.

The process of electric hot melt connection of carat pipe:

1. Check whether there is damage to the pipe socket and whether the heating wire is intact;

2. ​clean the sundries on the surface of the electric fusion socket to ensure that the connection surface is clean and dry;

3. ​insert the pipe socket end into the electric melt socket, fix it with a steel buckle, and tighten it with a clamp;

4. ​welding: Use the special electric hot melt welding machine for carat tube to select the appropriate electric melting parameters to weld and tighten until the socket is fully matched.

5, cooling: after melting, cut off the power supply, natural cooling, not water cooling, cooling time, more than 20 minutes in summer, more than 15 minutes in winter.

6. After cooling, remove the steel buckle and check the welding condition.

With the characteristics of electric hot melt welding of the pipe socket, the pipe connection adopts the technology of electric fuse embedded in the pipe socket with the same material. The connection quality is elevated and the interface is zero leakage, which ensures the safety of the pipeline system, extends the service life of the road, and effectively protects the underground water source and soil from pollution.

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